Michael Delavar logoFACT: Congresswoman Herrera Beutler is a liberal Republican.  (for example roll call votes #74 2/14, #550 10/13, #192 4/12, #412 6/11, #375 5/11)

FACT: Congresswoman Herrera Beutler voted to give President Obama the power to throw someone in detention indefinitely without appeal, without a lawyer, without due process of law.  (roll call vote #375 5/11) 

FACT: When she had a chance to delay Obamacare from taking effect, Herrera Beutler caved in.  She voted to increase the debt limit and give Obama the budget he asked for, with no ground gained!  (roll call vote #550 10/13) 

FACT: The Republican primary is when we get to choose a better Republican.

FACT: There will be one Republican and one Democrat that will face each other in November.

This August, you will have a free chance to improve your representation.  By voting for Michael Delavar, you will be voting for representation that will stand firmly for your freedoms, your rights, and saving you money.  Here’s the best part: the 3rd Congressional district is solidly Republican.  The Republican that advances to the general election will be elected in November.

Support Michael Delavar for Congress and send a message that our rights and freedoms and paychecks DO MATTER.  Vote for Michael Delavar. Michael Delavar

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Michael Delavar
Candidate for Congress to end government spying on you, to restore habeas corpus, and to bring our troops home from Afghanistan.